GA4 for Affiliates and What It Means For You

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  • Leveraging GA4 for Affiliate marketing
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Google Analytics 4 for Affiliates

As an affiliate, Google Analytics is crucial for getting an understanding of your audience and their behavior. With the introduction of GA4 there are many new ways affiliates can use the tool.

In this training, seasoned Analytics expert Julian from Measureschool, will show you what you need to know about GA4, what it means for affiliates and how you can use the tool to optimize your affiliate business.

About Julian Juenemann

Founder at MeasureSchool

Julian is a seasoned digital marketing professional who understands the importance of data in driving successful marketing campaigns. With his expertise in the field, he founded MeasureSchool in 2015 to educate marketers on the data-driven approach to digital marketing.

Through his YouTube channel,MeasureMasters membership, and MeasureSchool blog, Julian and his team have successfully trained hundreds of marketers on popular analytics tools like GA, GTM, and Looker Studio. With his passion for empowering businesses to make informed decisions through data analysis, Julian has become a respected authority in the digital marketing community.


Webinar Host:
Elen Mikayelyan
Operations Manager at Diggity Marketing

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Friday, 28th April / 11:00 AM CET

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