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Let me remind you what all is included:

The Affiliate Lab Core Course
The Topical Authority Module with Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR
The Core Content: Taking you from niche selection to backlinks
The Authority Module
The Bulletproof Backlink Blueprint (incl. Tier 2 linking)
The Medic Buster

The Email Marketing Module
The Hiring, Management, and Scaling Module
Access to The Affiliate Lab Private Facebook Group
Conversion Rate Optimization for SEOS
The Flip Lab

The Beginner's Lab
The Kitchen Sink: For getting sites unstuck
Technical Audit Essentials
How to Steal the Featured Snippet
The Onsite and Offsite Checklists

Optimizing Your Life
The Web Copy Masterclass with Kevin Meng
Negotiating for Higher Commissions
Access to the Exclusive FB Community

The Only Course You Will Ever Need To Rank, Earn And Flip Websites

I've put everything I know about ranking, earning and flipping affiliate sites in The Affiliate Lab course. It has everything you need to make yourself a site that earns you freedom and income every month.

Here's what you get at a glance:

24+ Hours of training

160 Videos that teach niche selection, keyword research...In short, it is everything you need to know to dominate Google and profit from your sites.

Templates & Tools

You get 6 Plug-and-Play templates and tools, the very same I use for my agency. Take the guessing out of your niche selection, get the optimal ratio of anchor text & more.

Checklists & SOPs

Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The very same that I use on my own and my client's sites to rank on Google.

Exclusive FB Group

Access to the active members-only Facebook Group. Ask any question about SEO and get them answered by me, or other members of the group that have been in the affiliate marketing world for years.

"You said it was the last course I'd need to take. You are right. The intro strategies and processes to take the guess work out and rely on empirical data to create action plans is perfect. After the first day of devouring the info, I'm pretty much speechless."

Paul Clukey


$200 OFF!

The Nitty Gritty

Here's What Revealed Inside:

  • Perfect niche selection using the Niche Grading Tool .
  • Uncovers ALL keyword opportunities with the Recursive Keyword Research Process .
  • The irresistible site architecture that Google LOVES .
  • How to create content that ranks and makes sales .
  • Perfect start : Step - by - step how to build a website from scratch .
  • Two " failsafe " questions that keep your site safe from Google penalties .
  • Boost your traffic with the onsite & offsite optimization process checklist .
  • How to create an online persona that builds trust & authority .
  • The right way to use Amazon Affiliates . Ignore this and wake up without an income .
  • Got an about page ? It's silently costing you traffic . The 30 - second fix .
  • The best free and dirt cheap alternatives to expensive SEO software .
  • Perfect Anchor Text : 6 ways to link to your pages , without looking spammy to Google .
  • Same traffic , more money with Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO ) .
  • How to design your homepage so that your inner pages rank better .
  • Outsourcing content ? Here's my swipe - and - deploy template .
  • How to use local citations for affiliate sites to establish trust .
  • Day 1 to Page 1 : Get to the first page with the right set of backlinks .
  • The Influencer Pitch : Building the real E - A - T that Google is looking for .
  • How to incorporate TF * IDF analysis into your content so that it ranks higher .
  • How to steal snippets from page two ( A friend's wife got hers in one day ) .
  • How to figure out the exact amount of content needed to overtake your competition .
  • How to fix common SEO issues and stop your site from bleeding traffic .
  • What 3 pages you should never link to in your menus .
  • A strategy to find a flood of content ideas .
  • The simple way to use Google to tell you what keywords to use in your content to rank higher .
  • What schema you should never use across all of your pages .
  • 2 ways that make visitors click on your site , even if you are not # 1 on Google .
  • How to write in an NLP - friendly tone that Google loves .
  • Social fortress : How to create an iron - clad presence that Google can't ignore .
  • & much more ...

Success Stories

Nothing makes us at The Affiliate Lab happier than
hearing about our members' success.
Check out some of their success stories below.

A Blueprint Backed By Thousands Of Tests
On Hundreds Of Websites

About a decade ago I gave up on SEO because I was blindly following whatever the SEO blogs said. And after all of my years in the trenches, I can say this:

There's lots of bad SEO advice out there

Worse, listening to bad SEO advice can actually hurt your site and wipe out your traffic literally overnight (like what happened to me). That is why the best advice I can give you is this one:

Only trust what has been tested

Ever since I "gave up" on SEO, I resolved to get back to my roots and approach it like an engineer. Engineers conduct tests and only employ strategies that are the results of successful experimentation.

Over the years, I’ve tested nearly every SEO strategy on real websites ranking in Google’s algorithm. Only the winners are added to the The Affiliate Lab blueprint.

So if something is in The Affiliate Lab, it's not because I said so or someone else said so, it is because it's been proven first on hundreds of sites beforehand. 

“Literally feel like a beginner watching a lot of this stuff. I think that’s the best compliment I can pay. Also, the Lab based approach – using tested, proven fact over “expert opinion” is a game changer”

Stewart Dunlop

Check Out The Results Of The
Affiliate Lab

Get access to The Affiliate Lab now, and start ranking and monetizing affiliate websites for up to 6 FIGURES PER MONTH, or flip them for 32X THEIR MONTHLY VALUE! 
Apply the techniques learned in the course immediately and see the results for yourself.

Lifetime Updates

There's no doubt about it... Google's algorithm changes.

And what works today might not work tomorrow. That is why I designed The Affiliate Lab to be a cutting edge course that is never outdated. 
How so?

If anything changes in the SEO world, the course changes with it.

Tactics and strategies that no longer work get cut and replaced by even more powerful techniques. With The Affiliate Lab...

You will always know what works
You get the results of the latest successful tests
You'll never waste your time on outdated SEO

Some updates are small and some are so large, they could be sold by themselves. You get absolutely every single update for free and for the lifetime of the course. It's an investment that keeps on giving.

Here's an example of a few updates since The Affiliate Lab's release:

Completely new Backlink Blueprint Strategy
(with new tactics that make you rank faster)

The Medic Buster Update - How to deal with
increased authority and trust requirements

Created a brand new module about
Affiliate Email Marketing

The Affiliate Lab for one low payment
of $797-no hidden fees or upsells.


Yours Too: 9 Bonuses



The Beginner's Lab [Value: $997.00]

Rock Solid Foundations

For SEO Success

Step by step to your first site

From setting up your hosting, to getting your domain name, everything is covered In The Beginner's Lab. By the end, you will have a rock-solid SEO foundation even if you've never made a website in your life. Inside:

  • Step by step to your first website
  • How to setup Wordpress
  • Where to get your domain name
  • Selecting the optimal host for your site
  • Easily setup your analytics
  • & much more...

<< From zero SEO experience to his first $1000



Exclusive Facebook Group [Value: $1997.00]

Get All Of Your Burning

SEO Questions Answered

If you have a question, concern or simply need inspiration, we've got you covered in our exclusive Members-Only Facebook group.

  • Get all of your SEO questions answered
  • Active community with daily posts
  • Inspiration and accountability from your peers
  • Thousands of affiliate marketers to learn from
  • I answer many questions personally
  • & much more...

Need SEO help? It is a simple Facebook post away

Any question you have, you can get an answer in the exclusive Facebook group:

Recent poll taken in the Members-Only Facebook Group

Mastermind with the best affiliates

When you join the exclusive The Affiliate Lab Facebook Group, you not only have your chance to get your questions answered by me (otherwise my rates are $997 per hour) but you also get to mastermind and ask questions to some of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

<< Lot of high income affiliates

You're Invited: The Affiliate Lab Meetups

If you’re ever in Thailand for the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, we hold exclusive Affiliate Lab meet-ups, parties and masterminds. Come grab a beer or two and talk about SEO or whatever you like. Great friendships, clients, and  referrals are born out of our community online and off.

The 6-Figure Flipper Club 

If you have flipped a site for 6 figures or more, you will unlock access to the exclusive 6 figure club Facebook group for high-level strategy, networking and more.

Documentation of the flip is required for access.



Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass [Value: $1297.00]

Multiply Your Income

With The Same Traffic

Multiply the amount of sales with the same amount of traffic you had yesterday

CRO (Conversion Rate  Optimization) is my favorite part of SEO because you can literally make more money overnight. In this masterclass I reveal the little changes that will make a big impact to your affiliate sales.
  •  The 5 words that will increase your click-through rates dramatically
  • The simple element that can add 11.12% engagement on your page
  • "Buy on Amazon" kills your sales. Find out what to say instead
  • The tiny free WP plugin that can increase your sales by 7.65%
  • How to keep your visitor glued until the CTA
  • 3 psychological tricks that get you a higher commission rate
  • & much more...



Featured Snippets Masterclass [Value: $497.00]

Legally Steal Your 

Competitor's Featured Snippets